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Thus her with Pokémon Go can successfully pesen through the city, we have compiled some tips and tricks for beginners for you. So you learn the system requirements on the smartphone as you eingem team may join and whatever you can expect. Our tips and tricks for Pokémon Go will you be a help which facilitates entry into the completely new adventure. Do you need professional advice , follow the link to our guide.

Pokémon Go works easily with your smartphone or tablet. This may be the days of portable consoles like Nintendo counted 3DS and PS Vita, but you have to bear any additional equipment with you. Which system requirements must meet your smartphone? We tell you in the next paragraph. Subsequently, we give you some important information as well as tips and tricks for Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go – System Requirements

There is an extension, the Pokémon To Go Pokémon Go Plus is, with which you can deepen the fun. It is an accessory that you can give your tie around the wrist. That it connects easily via Bluetooth with your smartphone and get characterized vibration and luminous notes when a Pokémon is nearby and other special events occur. Could you using this accessory a find Pokémon , you just need to press a button to catch it. So here ever one of our tips and tricks, but now only once the requirements. The following system requirements must meet your smartphone, so you can play Pokemon Go:

Operating System : Mind. Android 4.4 and mind. IPhone 5
GPS : Must be connected to play
Internet : WiFi or mobile data
Memory : Mind. 50MB and more in future updates

Meets your device these system requirements, so you can start and start her Pokémon Go. There are, however, much to consider: What permissions will have the app? How can you join a team? In our guide, we want to help you get started in the game and will provide you with tips and tricks.
Tips, tricks and more about Pokémon Go
Once her Pokémon Go starts, you must first take a coach create. This is crucial later and you even need your leveling coach . Each lot is possible: you can the gender determine the face, hairstyle and hair color and clothing. A backpack selects their least. Do you want the adventure with friends deny you should deny you before, that ye all in a team are. Create a team you can not, because there is only pre teams. When you’re ready, you can then select a team and accede. There are three different teams: red, blue and yellow , which compete against each other. How the runs and more tips and tricks You can extract the list below.

Instructions for getting started : After her Pokémon Go have started, you put yourself first on the hunt for the little pocket monsters. Go out and look at your map to PokéStops to discover. There you can Items collect. Follow the links to find out exactly how this works.
Find Pokémon : Here we can call you these tips and tricks: addiction in places that match the types of Pokémon. This means that their water Pokémon will take place on water and plant-type Pokémon in the park or in the garden. Read the linked guide for more help for the localities of pocket monsters.
Recognize that a Pokémon nearby is : As soon as a Pokémon is nearby, vibrates your phone and pocket monsters will you appear on the Map. Typing on it and follow our instructions to catch Pokémon .
Arena : Have you reached level 5, you embark on an arena where you then fight against other players and experience points accumulated. The locations are shown on the map you. For more information and tips and tricks follow the link to the Guide.
Pokédex : Here you can see where you met the Pokémon and derive at which locations you more of these types could be found.
Strengths and weaknesses : a look at the types of individual Pokémon and learn all about their strengths and weaknesses, so that you are well prepared for each battle.
Sweets : This resource can erentwickeln her your pocket monsters. However, sweets do not fall from the sky. Think about exactly whether you want to invest in the development of a Pokémon.
Master Ball Look away this resource for the rare Pokémon on. These kinds of tips and tricks is not new, since it also applies to all other editions. Are you but completely new entry in this series, they offer you a great help.
Map : Respect regularly on the map. There you important locations are displayed which should then seek her also equal (GPS required).

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